A client passionate about flying asked me to take our exciting INTRODUCTORY HELICOPTER PILOT COURSE

Welcome to FLY WITH XIRLI, where realizing your dream of becoming a helicopter pilot is more accessible and comprehensive than ever with our introductory helicopter pilot course

A Client Passionate About Flight:

On this occasion, a client who is passionate about different aerial experiences has decided to go one step further and has chosen our Pilot Course

This Introductory Course consists of:

Course breakdown:

It begins with a 60-minute theoretical class in the classroom, where we will cover the fundamentals of helicopter flight and handling the controls.

Continues with a pre-flight inspection and a talk with the instructor in the helicopter.

helicopter pilot for a day
helicopter in montserrat
Sabadell airport
sabadell airport

Experience 20 minutes in the EC135T2+ simulator, a larger helicopter, to hone your skills.

It’s time to fly! Enjoy the excitement of starting to pilot your 30-minute flight with the assistance of an experienced instructor.

helicopter pilot at flight simulator
helicopter pilot at flight simulator
helicopter pilot at flight simulator
helicopter pilot at flight simulator

We conclude with the delivery of the diploma.

Get certificate from Xirli

Suitable for Flight Enthusiasts:

This experience is specially designed for those people who want to immerse themselves in the ins and outs of operating and piloting a helicopter. Ideal for flight enthusiasts looking for more than just an adventure, our introductory course provides a complete immersion into the fascinating world of being a helicopter pilot. Discover the pleasure of flying a helicopter and delve into the secrets of helicopter flight with FLY WITH XIRLI!

At FLY WITH XIRLI, safety is our top priority. All of our introductory experiences and courses are conducted with qualified instructors who hold commercial pilot licenses and flight instructor certifications. Additionally, our instructors speak fluent English, ensuring a comfortable and accessible experience for everyone.

Explore the sky of the Barcelona area and become a pilot for a day with our Introductory Helicopter Pilot Course

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone pilot the helicopter?

Yes! With proper instruction and under the guidance of a certified pilot, participants can take control of the helicopter once in the air.

Comfortable clothing and flat shoes are recommended. Avoid loose items that could interfere with the helicopter’s controls.

The total experience lasts about an hour, with around 30 minutes of actual flight time.

Absolutely. Safety is our top priority. All flights are conducted with maximum safety measures and under the supervision of experienced pilots.

Yes! We encourage you to capture the moment. Our team can also help with taking photos and videos.

If the weather conditions are not suitable for flying, I will refund the amount of the reservation, or if you prefer, we will reschedule the experience.

For more details and booking information, visit [Be a helicopter pilot for a day]

Payment amounts and conditions:

Payment must be made in advance, using your preferred payment option.

I also offer you a GIFT-VOUCHER. You can write a personalized message in the  VOUCHER.

Cancellation policy:

If weather conditions are not good enough to do the activity on the agreed day I will propose 2 options:

  • Return your payment to you, or
  • Do it another day.

Otherwise, if weather conditions are good on the agreed day but you can’t do the activity after you make your payment, I will not return your payment because my team and I can’t work for any other client on the day booked by you.

Payment options, only in EUROS:

DOMESTIC PAYMENTS: There are no additional charges for domestic payments.

CREDIT CARD: For international payments made by credit card, an additional fee of 2% for bank commissions applies.

PAYPAL: For international payments through PayPal, an additional charge of 5% is applied for bank commissions.

The commission is not refundable for order cancellations since the bank charges the processing and management expenses incurred from the moment of the transaction.

Thanks for your understanding.

Please give me your information (Name, Telephone Number, Passport Number and your Address), so that I can send you the invoice when carrying out the activity.

We are available to answer all your questions and look forward to flying with you.

See you soon!