A couple from Ukraine wants me to prepare a private helicopter ride, starting from Barcelona to the Circuit de Barcelona 🚁

Greetings from “Fly With Xirli”! We are happy to prepare an exciting private helicopter flight for that lovely Ukrainian couple. Our adventure takes off from the heliport of the port of Barcelona.

Personalized Attention from the Start

We start by picking you up directly at your hotel and we head together to the helipad. We offer them preferential treatment, supervising every step to ensure they enjoy a pleasant and worry-free flight.

Discover Barcelona from the Heights

The tour covers all the beaches of the city, following the course of the Besós River. We will fly along the coast until we reach the picturesque town of Alella. Then, we will change course towards the famous Circuit de Barcelona, to finally return to the heliport. The duration of this unique experience is approximately 25 minutes.

They enjoy a 25-minute Private Flight

They embark on a 25-minute private helicopter ride aboard our Robinson R44 helicopter and experience the thrill of taking to the skies and contemplating the unique beauty of Barcelona from above.

Return with Emblematic Views

At the end of the private helicopter ride  we head back, giving them the opportunity to admire the most emblematic buildings of Barcelona. We love seeing the satisfaction on their faces when contemplating the coast and the city from the sea.

private helicopter ride

See you next adventure

We will be grateful to share this unique experience with you and look forward to the next adventure. See you next time!

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