Unique Experience: Learn to fly helicopters in a one-day experience.

Have you ever wanted to learn to fly helicopters? At Fly With Xirli, we turn that dream into reality with our “Be a helicopter pilot for a day” experience. We are your best option. Here’s what you can expect:

Total immersion:

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of aviation from the first moment. We offer you a complete immersion in handling a helicopter, guided by our expert instructors.

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Detailed summary:

Before taking off you will receive a complete briefing that includes theoretical explanations and physical verifications of the helicopter. We want you to feel comfortable and safe before taking the controls.

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Exciting flight:

The exciting time has come! Under the constant supervision of our instructor, you will take the controls and experience the freedom of flying over stunning landscapes, often to and from Montserrat.

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Commitment to safety:

Safety is our top priority. Before taking off, we ensure you feel safe and comfortable in the air so you can fully enjoy this wonderful experience.

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Souvenir diploma:

At the end of your 20-minute flight, you will receive a personalized diploma as a souvenir of this unique experience. We want every moment to be unforgettable for you.

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Fly with Xirli and make your dream of being a pilot for a day come true. Book your “Be a Helicopter Pilot for a Day” experience today!

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For more details and booking information, visit [Be a helicopter pilot for a day]

Payment amounts and conditions:

Payment must be made in advance, using your preferred payment option.

I also offer you a GIFT-VOUCHER. You can write a personalized message in the  VOUCHER.

Cancellation policy:

If weather conditions are not good enough to do the activity on the agreed day I will propose 2 options:

  • Return your payment to you, or
  • Do it another day.

Otherwise, if weather conditions are good on the agreed day but you can’t do the activity after you make your payment, I will not return your payment because my team and I can’t work for any other client on the day booked by you.

Payment options, only in EUROS:

DOMESTIC PAYMENTS: There are no additional charges for domestic payments.

CREDIT CARD: For international payments made by credit card, an additional fee of 2% for bank commissions applies.

PAYPAL: For international payments through PayPal, an additional charge of 5% is applied for bank commissions.

The commission is not refundable for order cancellations since the bank charges the processing and management expenses incurred from the moment of the transaction.

Thanks for your understanding.

Please give me your information (Name, Telephone Number, Passport Number and your Address), so that I can send you the invoice when carrying out the activity.

We are available to answer all your questions and look forward to flying with you.

See you soon!